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Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR & VR) for HR

Course Overview

Augmented and Virtual Reality technology is advancing quickly. Join this program to discover the many ways it can be applied to HR and the workplace.


The basics; what is AR and VR, and how do they work. How AR and VR are being used by business. Limitations of AR and VR. Use cases of AR and VR for HR. Identifying the value of AR and VR to address HR challenges. Selecting and working with AR and VR vendors.


Pip Penfold, CEO & Co-Founder, People Collider

What You'll Learn

At the end of the 1-Day Program, participants will understand AR and VR, be able to describe the differences between them and explain how AR/VR tools can be used by HR in the workplace. At the end of 2-Day Program, participants will also be able to identify appropriate situations for AR and VR and work effectively with vendors to design and implement tools.

Course Length

2 Days

Course Category


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