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Artificial Intelligence (AI) for HR

Course Overview

Leave the buzzwords at the door and explore the different forms of AI from the ground up; how they work, and the opportunities and challenges they present to HR.


Introduction to Artificial Intelligence. How to determine what type of AI is being used by a vendor. The inherent problems and challenges of each form of AI. Understanding how bias becomes part of AI, and what to do about it. The unique challenges AI pose to HR. Case studies of how AI can be incorporated in different tools for HR . Teaching and guiding AI as it learns to improve the output. How to get started in HR with AI enabled technology tools.


Pip Penfold, CEO & Co-Founder, People Collider

What You'll Learn

At the end of the 1-Day Program, participants will be able to describe the different types and applications of AI to HR, identify the challenges of bias and how to help overcome them. At the end of the 2-Day Program, participants will also be able to assess and select AI tools, and work together with vendors to manage quality outputs.

Course Length

2 Days

Course Category


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